Central Texas Hauntings is a website that presents famous haunted places around the Central Texas area.

| Tools We Used |  

| Team |

Jennifer Allen. Philip Jones. John Rovell. Chen-Chun Shen

| My Role |
Front-end programmer.

The Process and teamwork

Each individual in our team is with varying strengths and familiarities in data gathering, database, and front-end programming. To maximize efficiency we divided tasks into different areas and assigned team members as leaders. The process was linear and stage-by-stage, but every team member was happy to help each other and be assigned with different works when someone was leading the process.


My role in our team is a front-end programmer. My works were most in the third and fourth stage of the working process -- data display, user experience, and website design. I had a coding partner, Jennifer, who I was working with. Each of us generated PHP/HTML elements and pages first, then assembled them together. Especially for searching page, in order not to screw up the whole page, we took every element carefully, tried to test on different page and backup as much as we could.

It was my first time doing HTML and CSS pretty much from scratch, I googled for problems and browsed W3C School and Stack Overflow a lot. Also, we really valued the importance of sanitizing user input data, which is a serious topic among the database management field.

Final Work: our website

 See our final work (and be scared by these hauntings in the Central Texas area).